Hands Cleaners

Hands Cleaners

Thanks to our trusted financial advice, the region’s leading cleaning organisation, Hand Cleaners, has continued to thrive in difficult economic times. From expansion through to sustaining local jobs, the emphasis on financial strength has never been greater.

From a small family business to one of the east Midlands most successful cleaning organisations, we celebrate Hands Cleaners being our client for 25 years with our advice playing no small part in their development to become the leading cleaning team in the region.

Expressing the need for maintaining financial strength in tough economic times, Bill Hargrave, Managing Director of Hands Cleaners, emphasises the importance of a good accountant, “A good accountant isn’t just a number cruncher, it’s someone who understands how to run a business in today’s economic climate, experienced professionals who will get to know you and your business and will provide you with essential support, as well as saving you time and money!

Hands Cleaners are committed to providing excellent service and value for money. Newby Castleman has helped us maintain financial strength by their sound advice over the past 25 years. Their commitment to service and value mirrors our own by cherishing their existing customers and making new ones feel special.”

John Griffin, Partner in our Leicester office who advices Hands Cleaners comments, “We are proud to have provided thorough and efficient accounting services for Hands Cleaners over 25 years. We have been with them step by step, helping them to grow from a small business into what is now a recognisable and reputable name. Our ongoing advice has produced great results for this local business, especially when the result has saved them money.

It is a misconception that accountants just offer accounting and tax advice, in fact, we can help you in numerous areas including generating profit and expanding your business. How much you use the service is your choice and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune – it can save valuable time and, as we have seen with Hands Cleaners, produce results to benefit the future of your business.”

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