Robinson Associates

"We started our company in 1991 and Newby Castleman were highly recommended to us.

Our initial contact with them was very reassuring - they simply understood immediately that we wanted to spend our time doing what we were good at without having to worry about the financial quagmire that comes with running a company.

Since then, Newby Castleman has become an integral part of our company. Annual Accounts, Auditing, Payroll, Tax Returns and financial advice - anything relating to the financial aspects of the company are dealt with quietly and efficiently.  During the last 18 years we have also had the benefit of dealing with the same people at Newby Castleman. We trust them implicitly and they have been instrumental in allowing our company to flourish.

We are now an internationally recognized design company - that is because we spent our time doing what we were good at and allowing Newby Castleman to do the same."

Andy Robinson, Managing Director, Robinson Associates

Robinson Associates