Personal Financial Planning


Using the latest technology we can source the most appropriate mortgage for you from the enormous number available. The days remaining with one lender for 25 years are over. Many clients re-broke their mortgages every 2 – 3 years and save themselves thousands of pounds in interest.

Life Assurance

Family responsibilities bring with them a need for Life Assurance.

Term Assurance – Family Income Benefit – Whole of Life Cover – which type of plan is right for you?

Who offers the best rates?

Do you already have cover? Are you aware that premium rates have fallen sharply in recent years and you may be able to save money by re-broking to a more competitive insurer?

Critical Illness Cover

We are four times more likely to suffer a critical illness during our lifetime than die! Critical Illness cover is available that would provide a lump sum upon the diagnosis of a critical illness, thus affording you the financial cushion to help you recover over the fullness of time.

Income Protection

Our financial plans are a house of cards. If we are unable to work for a prolonged period of time due to an accident or illness, the sudden loss of earnings could bring that house down. Cover is available that can provide a substitute salary until you are able to return to work.

Savings & Investments

The financial seeds for the long-term accumulation of wealth should be sown as early as possible, and need to be reviewed at regular intervals.

From tax advantaged Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s) to single premium Bonds, we are able to analyse and measure the performance of the many different fund management groups in the market and benefit you by identifying the best.

How are your investments performing? What are you judging their performance by? How is your fund manager performing relative to the competition? Have you had your investments reviewed lately?

Sadly, it is a fact that we are often guilty of neglecting our finances to our own detriment. This is evidenced by the £7 billion languishing in poor performing Personal Equity Plans (PEPs).


Is it time to mature your pension and enjoy the benefits of the income that you have worked and saved for over many years?

Do not make the mistake that so many people make and take the annuity that is offered to you by your current pension company. Let our advisors study the market place for you and obtain the best rate possible. You may see your income enhanced by as much as 30%.