Self-Administered Pensions

Newby Castleman (Financial Services) Limited advises on a wide range of pension arrangements, from conventional pension products to the more complex Self Administered Schemes. This is somewhat rare within our industry, as most Independent Financial Advisors need to call in outside expertise in these matters, usually a large impersonal insurance company, who unfortunately tend not to be able to run individual schemes successfully.

Our clients, who require specialist advice on Small Self Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS), or Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP), will be referred to Greyfriars Asset Management LLP, which is licensed as a professional pension fund trustee.

It is from these self-administered schemes that many people draw their pensions without purchasing an annuity, a concept know as Pension Fund Withdrawal (PFW). With the hoped for ability to effectively pass pension fund monies down to the next generation, increasing numbers of people will access PFW at retirement.

Almost half of our portfolios are takeovers from other providers, mostly insurance companies. If you have a SSAS or a SIPP and are not happy with the level of service that you are receiving, or the fees that you are paying, please do feel free to contact us.