Catherine Driver

Catherine Driver – Work Experience:

Catherine DriverDuring my third (and final) year of university studying Mathematics, I was fairly certain I wanted to go into accountancy, but didn’t know much of what it entailed, or how well I would work in such an establishment. After speaking to a friend of mine, who had done some work experience over the summer with Newby Castleman and enjoyed her time there, I decided that I would also try and get some work experience with them.

Once I had spoken with the training partner, Stephen Castleman, we arranged that I would work for the first two weeks of January. When I arrived I felt comfortable straight away as everyone was so welcoming and friendly. In addition to this, the people who I was working directly with were keen to help me not to just do the work they gave me, but to also understand it. This approach was even more surprising due to the fact that January is one of the more busy times of the year, yet they still made a lot of effort to make sure that I wasn’t confused.

I would have to say that the main thing that I took away from my work experience at Newby Castleman was that I wasn’t just expected to type up receipts or fetching teas and coffees. I was, instead, given a vast array of jobs that gave me a real insight into what life would be like if I worked there. This was the key thing for me as I did actually want some real experience and I am unsure as to whether I would have received this treatment had I gone elsewhere.