Lisa Doyle

Lisa DoyleAfter completing my PhD in molecular genetics at the University of Leicester I decided to pursue a fresh career path. Because I enjoyed analytical components of my PhD, accountancy seemed like a logical move.  So, shortly after completing my PhD studies I enrolled on the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) training programme and began working for a local accountancy firm.  I quickly learned the ropes and progressed to a larger firm in 2010 before being invited to apply for a position at Newby Castleman.  After a successful interview, I took up my post at Newby Castleman in February 2012 and I haven’t looked back since. The knowledge and support extended to me by the staff has been invaluable, helping me to sharpen my skills as a professional accountant. Owing to the firm’s broad client base, I’ve gained experience with a wide range of accountancy procedures which has helped me to become a versatile member of the team.  The firm is also very friendly, which makes for a great working environment and for some memorable work nights out.

During my time at the firm I have undertaken a wide range of accountancy jobs including bookkeeping, financial statement preparation and auditing. Most recently, I have become involved with solicitors’ accounts and the associated compliance checks.

I am now fast approaching my final exam and hope to qualify this year. It’s been hard work getting to this point but it’s also been extremely rewarding and I look forward to a fruitful career in accountancy.