Michael Frost – Work Experience:

Michael FrostI joined Newby Castleman as a trainee in September 2011 two months after graduating from the University of Leicester with a BA in Economics and Law. I was lucky enough to be offered a training contract earlier in the year after completing a four week placement here in the summer of 2010.

Having done my research I wanted to try and get some work experience in accountancy in order to confirm that this was the career for me.  I also thought it would stand me in good stead when applying for jobs the following year. I had heard that Newby Castleman was a friendly and supportive firm, so I sent in a CV and was invited for an interview. I was fortunate enough to be offered a four week placement after my second year at university.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, and thought I would be doing odd jobs here and there, with some admin and coffee runs and perhaps occasionally shadowing people. Whilst I did do some of this, I was pleasantly surprised on my first day to be given a set of accounts to prepare. Although I didn’t really know exactly what to do initially I worked my way through methodically with the help of other staff and found it fascinating how the file came together. My four weeks with the firm gave me an excellent insight into what a career in accountancy would be like.

Being with Newby Castleman for a month allowed me to get to know everyone and be involved in various social events. Colleagues were very helpful and welcoming, and I knew I wanted to apply here after completing my placement. I duly did and was delighted to be offered a job. The work experience was not only important for me, but it allowed the firm to see how well I performed and whether I was capable of doing this kind of work. It also enabled them to establish what I was like personally and to see if I would fit in and get on with other members of staff.

I have now been here for 2½ years and will be taking my final exams in July.  I am thoroughly enjoying work and know that my work experience helped me to make the right choice of career.